businesses large and small need to consider their environmental responsibility.

start with recycling!

Recycling conserves resources, saves energy, helps reduce air and water pollution, and decreases landfill waste. Everyone understands that recycling is ethically responsible; unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, recycling is overlooked.

Your clients and customers care about the environment and make their purchasing decisions based on a company’s ecological impact. Recycling can also save your business money by reducing garbage disposal costs. Eco Haus Collective supports businesses in minimizing their ecological impact through affordable, convenient and reliable recycling services. We work closely with our commercial clients to improve their recycling process and create a customized recycling program to suit each business.

We provide reliable recycling services to all businesses including:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Office
  • Schools
  • Municipal
  • Building management
  • Property Owners Associations

consulting services

Does your business need help solving solid waste issues? Do your employees need training on recycling? We also offer these consultation services to help you get on track with ecological compliance and meet your sustainability goals:

  • Staff Training
  • Green Team Training
  • Business Recycling Audits
  • Energy Use Audits

Is your business moving? Whether you are moving locations or simply making some room, let us take care of your recycling removal for you!

Call (706) 521-3364 to schedule a free consultation and to discuss your company’s commercial recycling solution today.